The chronological resume helps the applicant to draft their resume according to a sequential order, focusing mainly on the employment history. The candidates with an unbroken or uninterrupted career usually can use this resume format for drafting up their resume. The chronological resume must clearly specify each and every year of your professional career. This resume must also include other important sections such as the candidate's career objectives, key skills and proficiencies, and personal information. The chronological resume template given below will give you a short idea about the significance of chronological resume template and also guide you in drafting your resume.

Chronological Resume Template

Full Name

Address 1 (Including the Street Name and Block Number)

Address 2 (Including the City Name, and Postal / Area Code)

Contact Details (Your Mobile / Land line number)

E-mail Address

Career Objective

This section specifies the exact job position you are applying for and your goals and objectives after achieving the particular job. The career objective field must be short and descriptive and the candidate must see to it that the description does not exceed two to three sentences.

Educational Qualification

The educational qualification section in your chronological resume must include detailed information about your qualifications along with the year of completion of any particular course. Including these dates is one of the mandatory requirements in the chronological resumes.

Key Skills and Proficiencies

The key skills and proficiencies section in the chronological section is same to that of any other common resume. This section helps the employer to understand your expertise in the particular field and thus increase self chances of getting selected.


The experience section is one of the most important sections in a chronological resume. While writing the experience section the candidate must include the company / organization name, address, job designation, duration (joining date and revealing date), and the job responsibilities. Specifying the duration educates the employer with the candidate's experience and specifies his or her continuity in the particular job as well as the career.

Personal Information

This section will include the candidate's full name, date of birth, gender, marital status, and nationality. This information can be included at the start or the end of the resume. However, including it while concluding your resume is a good practice.

The above drafted chronological resume template will guide you in drafting your resume in a chronological order. This type of resume format is generally used when the candidate has no break or gap in their career. To know more about resume types log in to bestsampleresume.com

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