Gone are the times of the traditional way of sitting down with a paper and writing your credentials for applying for a job. Nowadays, everything is ruled by the internet, i.e. the internet era and computers of course. In such a scenario, it does not really make sense to follow the traditional ways of carrying things out. Career advisor and experts have come up with the idea called resume templates. Yes, till now it was only professional and formal letters that used to have templates, but now the resumes too have it. The reason behind it is simple, lack of time for the recruiters and convenience of the candidate. Using resume templates is highly advised if you plan to get noticed sooner than most other candidates who are not using it yet. To use it free of cost check this

  There are certain aspects that a recruiter looks for in the job applications depending on their requirement and the position of the job. Thinking from the recruiter's point of view and considering them as the gatekeepers of the selection procedure, it is necessary to think about their short listing criteria. Let us make this point clear with an example. Sample this, there is an applicant who wants a job in a newspaper and wishes to write articles, the desired designation is that of a writer. Now, the recruiters in a recruiting agency who have got this application have to short list appropriate candidates for befitting jobs. He or she receives applications and resumes for freshmen and experienced professionals too.

  The candidate who wishes to be in the newspaper industry, highlights her accomplishments first in the resume in which she has proved her mettle for writing, but happens to be a fresher. On the other hand, another experienced professional has submitted a resume which highlights her educational background, which no doubt is impressive but unfortunately at the first glance will not impress the recruiter for that particular job. So what happens is the presentably and the way you format your resume matters a lot here.

  Even if one refers to the free resume templates available online, this small yet crucial issue can be solved and the templates along with your analysis of your credentials as well as the format will come to your rescue. Make sure you refer to resume templates that have ample examples of resumes for different kinds of professions, because a resume of a management professional will be different than a journalist's. Relevance rules; remember this.

You may get lot of confuse while choosing a resume template to draft your resume and one should; because there are so many templates available today. Always choose a template which provides resume template along with sample resumes to make you understand in a better way. Now-a-days CV templates are available for each and every job profile.

Important factors of resume template are as follows:

Contact Details:

Always provide correct contact details which are currently in use, so that when your resume is short-listed contact can be made easily for further process.

Career Objective:

In this section write in such a way that your career objective will be helpful for organization in which you are going to apply for job.

Work Experiences:

Mention your work summary with its duration in reverse chronological order which means, current information comes first, and old information comes last.

Educational Details:

Write your qualification summary here, in reverse order, in the same way as that of work experience.

Personal Details:

Mention your personal details here as in name, date of birth, marital status etc.


Resume templates are ready to use resume formats in which you just have to fill the details. You don't have to waste time in thinking about format, flow of information and current trends in resume. Refer to sample resumes given so that you will get the idea of which information is written and how it is presented. To get more information with sample resumes bestsampleresume